About me by Abbie.

Hello, My name is Abbie – an 11 year old. I’m a year 6 student and I’m a digital leader at Lowerplace Primary School. I’m a digital leader because I mostly know the things about devices and how to set them up. The things I like about computing is that it is fun and theres many things you can do on them: you can play games, watch videos, write things about you, and many more exciting things. The things I’d like to achieve as a Digital Leader is that I want to make my year 6 experience fun with computing and I’d like to make other people have a fun year too.

Responsibilities as a digital leader

As you know, there are responsibilities for every job (for example be on time) and there are no stopping for digital leaders responsibilities and those responsibilities are: help teachers in school, help other children get a better understanding of technology and help them learn better for the future.

These are just the tip of the responsibilities that I thought of.

all about me new to digital leaders!

hi I am eshal  and I was picked for a important job what  I really enjoy doing. Being a digital leader means that I can work with different people in our school and learn more about the internet and also more about e-saftey. As a digital leader I want to raise money for all the children in Africa. computing is something what I love to do in my spare time.I  am very happy I am a digital leader and I can’t wait to help the teachers and our school with computing!

digital leader profile – Hamzah

                                    All about me

hello my name is Hamzah and i hve once again become a digital leader i used to be in year 5  but now i am in year 6 as you know everyone has hopes and my hopes are to:

help outher people to become a digital leader

set up coding clubs

and pass my digital leader tips other people

why have i become a digital ?

i have become a digital leader because i enjoy going on my computer and i pad so that i could get into my head other  tips for when i need them the very most.

All about Zane!

Hi,my name is Zane  I’d like to share a bit about myself.

I am 10 years old and I am a digital leader because I love hearing other people’s suggestions and I love blogging and computers.I love computing because there’s always something you can learn.As a digital leader I would like to make computing not just a leason but something we use in class other lessons.


All about Ayesha!

Hello there, I’m Ayesha and I’m a Digital Leader ; You’re probably reading this to find out a little bit about me, So continue reading to find out more.

I am 9 years old (Almost 10) and my name is Ayesha Nesar.                                                                                                                              I am a Digital Leader because I just like Technology in general, And I would like achieve whilst I’m Digital Leader staying safe on the internet.

If you would would like to adventure further on everone else’s blogs click this hyperlink which will take you to the home-page     of the blog:http://lowerplace.net/


All about me – By Aysha

Hi, my name is Aysha and I am 11 years old ; I have a passion for reading, writing and computing. I am a Year 6 student at Lowerplace Primary School and I am currently a Digital Leader here at Lowerplace. The reason I became a Digital Leader was because I wanted to help people, share my knowledge with them and learn much more about computing with Mr Hall. I like the fact that there is a variety of things to learn about in computing and I want to try to learn them. I want to be able to help others, post on the blog and expand my knowledge of computing.



All about me – by Easha

Hi, My name is Easha and I am 11 years old. I love computing and i am so grateful for the support that my teachers give me in Lowerplace Primary School. I have chosen  to be a Digital Leader because i have a great passion for computing.I enjoy helping out with the amazing equipment. Computers are really helpful and amazing for blogs so other people  get to see how people learn.This is why i love computers! I would like to learn a bit more about computing and how to deal with it so i can be a better Digital Leader.

All about me by Kais [a professional digital leader]

Hello.My name is Kais and I am an experienced digital leader for Lowerplace Primary 2017.The pictures on this blog of the pupils from 2016 inspired and encouraged me to be a digital leader.I am in year 6. When I was in year 5, It was possible for me to be a digital leader but I had no idea what it was and I never knew about it until the 2016 pupils were awarded. Being a digital leader is a great feeling. Testing new softweare on computers, assisting Mr Hall,who is the admin of this blog.I would love it if you check out the apple website and the samsung website so you can have the oppurtunity to get the newest devices.links are available on the highlighted words. Thank you for reading.



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What is html

<html> is a code that you use .

These are some codes you can start with .

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And to end a code all you do is the Same Symbol and When you have  Done that code it Will Show it to you in English .